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So this is an actual technique used by some specialized therapist.What they do is hypnotize a person, and the person experiences a series of flashbacks of who they were in their past lives. It does work, and it definitly does help people figure out who they really are. For example, someone who has been afraid of the ocean for their entire life figured out they were drowned in their past life. Someone who felt hurt and neglected by an ex-wife, found that in another life he was her father and abandoned her. It was part of a karmic balance. 
If you have a burning question as to what’s going on in your life and why it’s happening, you should try it out. It definitly can help. Find a therapist near you who does this ! Google is your best friend. 

yea but the thing about hypnosis is that you can plant thoughts/ memories into someone’s head, so a lot of the hypnosis therapies where “memories” have been recalled are discredited because of the vulnerable state that the mind is in during hypno therapy